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Who Am I?

I’m Son Of Belushi, a man of many (moderately executed) talents.

What Am I?

An Activist/Pragmatist.

I am very good at starting things, but I rarely see them through. I get bored of things quickly and move on to other things.

An Atheist.

The exception to the rule above in that as time goes on I find that notions of Gods, Creators, Intelligent Designers and Omnipotent Beings seem all the more absurd to me. Claims of absolute certainty are bullshit, of course, but I’m 99% confident in my conviction that there are no Gods and those we have created will eventually die, as history as shown us. As a result I, like Richard Dawkins (and according to the spectrum of theistic probability) am a de-facto atheist, in that I cannot know for certain but I think God is very improbable and I live my life under the assumption that he is not there. I am a 6.9 on a scale of 1-7.


A Secularist.

Belief is personal and given the way most theistic people cherry-pick what they like from scripture and ignore that which doesn’t work for them or would embarrass them if they openly admitted to believing in it (talking snakes and flying horses, anyone?) I am of the opinion that belief should remain personal. I have no problem with people worshipping a God or living their lives according to dogma as long as they keep that shit to themselves. Freedom of Religion does not just mean I am free to follow any Religion, I should be free of Religion too should I wish to be, and I do. I would defend the right of any Religious person to follow their faith freely without fear of intimidation from other Religions or Governments, but I don’t believe Religion should have any place in the Governance of any country or society for one simple reason: In order to establish that God’s law, in whatever form it might take, is right and just someone needs to prove that a God exists and as nobody has managed to provide any concrete evidence for their God claim, any law purporting to be God’s law cannot be considered anything but man-made (and I do mean man because there’s no way any woman would willingly go along with the sexist bullshit you find in the Bible or the Koran, for example). Also, I believe it is wrong to impose Religion on anyone, especially children, in any circumstance. Freedom of Religion is also freedom from Religion and we should all have the right to choose, not have it imposed on us. I do not impose my Atheism on Theists and would react badly to a Theist who tried to impose their Religion on me.

A Beat-Maker.

I make beats, I sample a lot, I put it all together and make funky tunes. I will share some of it here but would suggest you pay a visit to my Mixcloud page.


A Cunt.

In this I excel, as you will doubtless discover if you return here regularly.